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About Us

Welcome to Humaari Duniya ( Our World)

Colors and butterflies around, cold wind is touching your skin, you are breathing in freshness, flowers are blooming all around , you get goosebumps while holding your soulmate's hand and suddenly you realize you are entering a new world. And it's us. We Wedfilmers are taking you to that place.
A place where there's only love. Because we know how Walt's Disney's cindrella felt when she found her Prince.


Our Story

Humara Vishwas 
We believe what Amy Santiago believes.
"life is unpredictable. Not everything is in our control. But as long as we are with the right people. We can handle anything."

We hold that feelings exist. We are here to capture emotions. We think that sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye and our lenses may see what your heart hides.

Humara kaam
We don't create stories, we make your story alive on the screen.

Hamari gupt samagri
The only ingredient we use is love.
All we understand is love.

Humare aadarsh
There is one thing we are certain of and one thing that does not change in this wild, chaotic world: our love for you.

Meet The Team

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